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Hamster Blocks 1.0

Hamster Blocks is a simple and sweet puzzle developed by Media Contact LLC
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Hamster Blocks is a simple and sweet puzzle full of hamsters developed by Media Contact LLC and freely distributed at GameTop.com. As you can imagine this game is intended for kids however it could also challenge any skilled adult.

This amazing title is a simple puzzle game that recalls the classic "Columns", but in this case you have no jewellery of various shapes and colours, but hamsters of different colours.

The goal at each challenging level is always the same: to perform a certain number of lines. Of course, to successfully complete each level will take you to another more difficult one and where you can make more points. You must be skilled with your mouse or keyboard, the only two control methods of the game.

In conclusion, in Hamsters Block you will find a colourful and fairly simple graphics section. However, the game´s music is very varied and although it will accompany you during the whole game, at no time it will be boring or annoying.

This game is free to download and play so just get it, install it and enjoy yourself!

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  • A lot of levels to challenge your skills


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